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6/11: crashing into the monsoon

"This you have to know if I wake you up at midnight!"

Remember one of the pivotal threats applied at school? In my case, this is politeness and curiosity. Fully automatized, booted up before I wake up, before coffee, before the morning poop. This is not easy.

Once again I'm in a car before the roosters stir.

We're off back to Jiri, where I finished my hike. I'm to spend 10 days in a nearby village's school, but more on that later.

Slept through the 9 hour car ride. Effective countermeasure against car sickness, too.

---Shiva on the right, Azad on the left. My guides.

"This is my friend from Czechoslava."

Shiva means Czechoslovakia, but what he says translates as "glory to Czechia", so I don't complain. One of his friends caught me off guard, asking if I'm from Prague or Krakow. I replied Budapest and completed the Visegrád Group.

Later, he explained to me that noone knows, where the Czech republic or Czechia is. Czechoslovakia at least some people will recognize as a country.

---Work mottos, not sure if from WHO.

Where Voita goes, rain follows. Monsoon is late and not expected for another two weeks, but it made a gracious exception and send a heavy envoy to meet me in the mountains.

The little chirps nesting in teahouses' and shops' common areas, which I first observed in Shiavalaya, seem to be the local rule, rather than the exception. Simple tea breaks thus turn into exciting rounds of a russian roulette.

Got offered a couple of puppies. Honestly harder to turn down than brides!

----No pup pics

Welcome to the jungle.


For full res photos click on the image.

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