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A 2-day pit stop in KTM

"no service, No Service!"

Czech post failed to bribe their Nepalese counterpart - kind of like WizzAir winged their fees at the Riyadh airport. In Saudi Arabia, everyone pays (visa). Here, well, you go send your mail from India.

Thus concluded my efforts in postcard sending.

You're on the List - or Out of Luck. / Balloons or pictures?

Went back to the old hostel to trade books. Been a while since a book had my jaw drop, but this swap has managed it. Quite the trap: it's heavy, I need to swap it out again asap. And it has a second volume, which I'll have to find...

But for now, I'm having a literary feast.

JPN standard (L) for an AUS brilliance (R). / Hostel access road.

In Japan I learned that my tummy revolts if I eat too much fruit. Bud recommended a place with great coffee and fruit bowls. It was good - but too much. Half a day out.

Welcome to Venice.

Monsoon is in full swing. It's pouring hard. Got colder, too. Only air pollution prevails.

What a prefect time for one more mountain adventure.

Wish me luck.

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