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A little teaser

Today I met Sarosh, another high altitude friend of mine. Our time together went magnitudes beyond my wildest dreams; to do the evening justice I'll need a bit more time. And since I have packed weekend plans, we'll circle back next week. Until then I'll leave you with a little teaser of the sage's final advice.

"You have to accept the reality of... there is always a big difference in each one of us. (...) So it's not a question of saying what is right and wrong, it's seeing where you fit in and then to flow.
"Because once you start seeing the false (...) there's no end to finding it. There will always be discontentment.
"But if you find a way between the rocks and the gaps, where you can flow, to carve the way, that's the beauty of life I think.
"If you look at (...) someone saying something too strongly which you don't like, it starts aggrevating you. But I think the thing is to see that that's from his perspective, from his family background, his neighbourhood and context how he's grown up.
"But if yours is different then you kind of put in your two pieces of wood in a nice way and just go with the flow
"I get invited to many different places and there are all kinds of noises. But I put on my experience and the quietness and give them two small ideas they haven't thought about.
"If you start making too many judgments, I feel... there will be discontentment growing inside of you.
"For me, it's to accept all the differences and add value with my experience, with my way of thinking which has evolved over the years.
"And I try to put things in direction I feel is good.

That might become my cornerstone as the monsoon at last engulfs the land.

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