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A stopover in Hungary

First thing that greeted me in Europe was million pop-ups announcing presence of cookies hiding in my phone and imploring me to grant them refugee status and let them roam free in my device. They're cute cookies, how could I say no?

UK, shafted 😂

sleeping spot


city colours

Budapest airport is small and reasonably quiet; with help of headphones and my Pod7Kilo hat I managed to sleep through most of the night, not wanting to navigate myself into the city without cash, data and daylight after our midnight arrival.

Janos hill and tower trip

Budapest, Hungary

It's been good 8 years since I visited Budapest for the last time and it seems a little bit nicer than Prague. Cosmopolitan, but reasonably quiet. With the sky deep blue and pronounced autumn colours around me I felt like I've entered a fairy tale and took the chance to explore nature outside of the city bounds. There's a small watchtower just outside of Budapest with magnificent views of gently rolling hills on one side and the city against it. Even with the sun high in the sky, down on the ground it was cold; the kind of nosy winter and sneaks in to hide beneath your jacket and tickles you in the nose. It's soft yet prickling much unlike the full-on mountain winter that tramples you down beneath its unfeeling breath.

castle complex

river Danube

My hostel is full; people of all ages, origins and life philosophies. They're all connected, like just about all of Europe, by the breath of possibilities how to spend their lives. I haven't such freedom all year, kind of like diary products. It is to yet visit the countries below Himalayas.

snowy morning

butter. jam. CHEESE.

schnitzel. Oh My Dog.

After the eyes spoiling welcome of the first day I woke up following morning into a black-and-white movie dotted with white splotches. Thursday morning was born into a picture perfect winter and kept the entire city comfortable in their blankets. The sky's gifts didn't last too long; by the midday whoever's been sending the soft fluff ran out of patience and flipped switches into a drizzling, uncaring rain which has undone all that's been so carefully laid out hours prior.

the hill with best views in town

can't even see it

substitute views

City's architecture is as pretty as Prague's, if not a tad better. Cards are widely accepted and at least the centre is comfortably small enough to encompass it on foot if the weather is favourable. As much as there's a massive wall in between me and the city-tourism permeating Europe, safely keeping me from times when even to me Europe seemed new and exciting, Budapest isn't a bad city at all to spend a few days in.

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