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A working day

little stressors

Shiva ditches me in the morning. That's cool, I knew about that. They're heading back to KTM with Azad. I'm to move houses, but I'm not sure if now or in the afternoon (1). Asking when is futile, as Nepal subscribes to the now and not now philosophy. Shiva's relatives don't speak English (2), which is I think why he had me move. But he didn't explain it to them, so now I'm being asked if I don't like the house...? (3)

The move doesn't happen in the morning. I get ready to go to the school. As I'm about to leave, I'm ushered in the kitchen to eat (4). Dal Baht with chicken, or rather bones and skin. I can eat a lot, but this is out of my league (5). Everyone eats at the speed of light and soon I'm being watched over a set of empty plates (6).

like gut punches







I take them in stride. In short, that's how travellers learn to not give a shit. It is, what it is.

We reach the school at 9:39, a minute before the gates close.

Take a breath.

Dive in.



Latecomers doing squats behind the gate.

Lined up children marching into classrooms.

Kindergarten with one teacher for 30 babbies.

Five minute meeting taking an hour.

Roared welcome in the class.

Class of 13-17 year olds looking at me.

Scraping for what the hell I do?

Will I get shanked on the street again?

oops, wrong country ----

white supremacy

4 classes, and I'm back ashore. Apparently, by the end of the week I'm (asked) to provide a list of suggestions how to save the local economy, turn the children into the next Einstein and end the world hunger. In the meanwhile I'm looking at a maths exercise book for 8th grade, full of Xs and Ys, recalling how I'd trade their secrets for grammar insights with my high school neighbour...

We'll have to talk about the perception of a white (wo)man here lest I'll end up in trouble.

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