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Acclimatization hike

Why do I travel alone is one of the most common questions I'm asked in place, where not having a wife is a sad oddity. Well... I was meant to go hike with 2 or 3 people and none lived up to the vague promise. Not surprising - even a strong promise tends to be broken, when it comes down to acting.

And so I travel and hike alone.

Spent an excruciating hour in the bed, before I finally mustered the courage to get up and face the cold. I have a room with no southern windows and it is ridiculously cold.

But as usual, the payoff is massive and far exceeds any effort that goes in; and the slopes was long and strenuous and after 5 hours of scramble I barely hit the real climb... and turned back, again. Missed 3.000 feet to the peak, again. But that's completely irrelevant.

I'll turn the rest of the post into an album, because the views were absolutely worth it.


click on the picture for full size - or see them all at once on Flickr (Business Class perk)

gorge towards Ultar Sar

slope to the right of the gorge is where I went UP

Baltit Fort

these photos ARE worth $ - in another world, I'd be selling them

here you get them for free =))

sunny morning

last civilized place

the endless scramble upwards

Hunza Valley

hike becoming a scramble

sat in the heavens

scramble becoming rock climbing... my turn-back point

somewhere 'round 13K ft

the rugged upper echelons

Ultar Sar in cloud and its dirt glacier

all mysterious Rakaposhi

late afternoon



Sohail was telling me how on his hikes and climbs he survives on Chinese noodle soups, walnuts and rotis with hummus... after one day's stroll I need a full Indian snack. Umm... :D

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