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Beneath the surface

Have you ever received a rockstar on a sold-out concert worthy welcome? One that shakes the ground and deafens you for the rest of the day? It is... a weird feeling. Feels good, sure, but also... wrong. Undeserved, at least in my case, since all I had to do was come into a classroom.

Having refused the book, I'm expected to come up with an alternative. I burnt through the school's monthly quota of paper to print exercises I found free to access online. Some kids are right on the ball, going through paper after paper, some do the one thing that gets them through English classes - copy whatever is written, and the rest does not understand me nor the papers. And I'm back to what the hell do I do?

Over the week I'll be here, I'll see each class once, maybe twice. But the hope is I'll show them how to teach and study English better? Here, white people are like a 'secondhand laptop': shining idea with no real meaning. It took 20 minutes to get the laptop to start a browser... What I can do is give Rakesh ideas; but he said straight away that he's bad with computers and won't bother looking up materials online. So... what the hell do I do?

"Say Jai Nepal!


"Yes, Jai Nepal!


"It means glory to Nepal!

"Oh you mean Jai Hind (I know that one from the movies) -?


"So, how did you get here?

"There are no girls here, I am single now.


"It is hard to find a girl in a village like this at my age.

Some conversations are pure gold.

biosensoric staff attendance

It is the end of the (Nepali) month, which brings a free afternoon for the children and a monthly meeting for the staff. It goes on for hours, touching on this and that, but central is the question what can we do better?

Parents, children (some), teachers: all share this hunger to do better. To learn, to improve.

first afternoon without a rain

This concentrated effort to evolve is to me the definition of a developing country.

(More on that in the bonus post.)

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