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Birthday Party

I didn't run.

foolish boy

quite the ride

Sharada, one of the moms, offered me to stay at her place - and get laundry done. Some offers are worth the risk (plus it would be awful rude to refuse). The threat came from a different side, however. According to the local custom I hung my washed clothes on the balcony railing - and left. As any child unattended, the wind swept in to cause mayhem. Or rather, steal my clothes and toss them down underneath the balcony.

I am not sure for how long my stuff has been there, but it's yet another testimony to the local character that after a while of frantic running around I found all three lost pieces (half of my clothes!). Day saved.

liked the last recipe? one more chance!

Evening surprise -

time is now

One of the moms is celebrating her birthday and I'm invited. We walk back to the bakery, which is a huge relief to me: neutral grounds are much easier to survive in than someone's home. It's full of... moms.

Back home, I'd likely never attend anything like this (unless it was my mom). Here... the hell I do? I smile, I nod, I hide. When the dancing starts. Saved by the b-day mom's husband's timely arrival.

close call

I'm given a camera to film the merry frolicking and we're all happy. The dancing, to be fair, is pretty similar to Indian and Pakistani style. And, to my silly ears, so is the music. Parallel to the traditional musical performance a modern version enfolds, as other moms are uploading one TikTok video after another.

dance floor / TikTok team

Follows a small cake, half of which is spent on wishing the mom happy birthday through a friendly application of a sweet make-up. One small present is handed over; the friendship is what matters.

Happy Birthday!

Culmination of the joyful evening comes in a magnificent dinner of five curries; what a better way to end the evening and a lovely birthday celebration.

curries from the top:

chicken / chickpea / cucumber / veggie mix / mushrooms

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