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By the border with Tibet

Personality test:

You've been in the mountains for five days. Most of the time it was raining, and the sky was always heavy with a blanket of clouds.

Now, on your last day, as you're about to exit the trek, you wake up and the sky is clear.

What will your first thought be?

what a lucky day

bastards, couldn't clear up while I was up there


I hike out over the hill, rather than below it. This strategy lets me admire the lower Himalayas in all their beauty, tracing rivers from the very top of lush meadows or sharp spikes with snow hidden in their creases, through countless waterfalls, all the way down to the Langtang river.

Langtang Valley

At the highest point of the hilly bypass I reached a road. With a car.

Personality test II:

It's a lovely day and you're in nature. Your day's goal is too far to walk - and you'd rather reach it today as tomorrow you're to leave the area. But it's morning and this section of the hike's the prettiest. There'll be opportunities to catch a ride later. But you're not sure how many hours until that point and midday is approaching fast.

Would you get on?

Briddim / S.B. valley

It was a supply jeep, hauling up rations to be transferred onto horsies and taken all the way to Langtang. Also, thinking back at it, it's likely been the only time I was offered anything for free in the Nepali mountains.

new friends on the route

Other passenger, a young wife, seized the opportunity to hook me up with her husband, to drive me to the border. For a proper fee, obviously. After the necessary haggling, I agreed.

The road down was painful. Himalayan mountain roads on a bike are a true test of one's in-motion survival skills. Lucky for me, bike brakes overheat quickly, giving me an opening for a much needed rest and stretch.

bridge to... heaven?

Chinese border no. 2, after Khunjerab pass in Pakistan.

Same grey ugliness. One day it'll be gone.

Personality test III:

Would you -

wrong question

they didn't want me to take pictures 😂

Back in Syabru Besi, in another homestay. I dream of hotels in which the owner doesn't sleep - and hang out all day, with TikTok blaring, in the communal area. 😅 In all honesty though, I'm pretty beat,

and stinky

with the Khumbu cough creeping up on me again, and I didn't mind today's easy out at all.

Bhujung, my driver

back in S.B.

Nepali Imperial ambitions (who knew)

Day's tally:

0 natural (or road) catastrophes

xyz local tourists on the upper route to Langtang

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