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Castling with the rain (APd9)

New day, the same old tune - someone up there must've gotten stuck with their finger on a wet button. Time to change strategy.

I head northwards, towards the border, to the maws of monsoon and kingdom of landslides.

bittersweet brekkie

.. which car to take for a monsoon mountain ride .. ? 🤔

I was gonna wait for the weather to calm, but Katon pulled out of a hat another cousin, who happened to be going in my direction today. What choice did I have? The journey is split into three parts; today half of the distance on a highway, taking up a fragment of the total time. Second leg starts at 6 AM tomorrow with a full day offroad to just below the border. The last 18 miles need to be undertaken with an extra permit a day later, provided I make it that far, the Indian isn't currently engaged in a shootout with the red barons and I'm deemed worth the time it takes to stamp the paper. But another Katon's cousin is charge of the stamping which leaves me with a little chance to actually make it to the otherwise to foreigners inaccessible border.

cousin Caling

entering new frontiers

The highway stalks Siang river (Brahmaputra), even here a broad matriarch with gently sloping hills steering it south to India and eventually back under the Himalayas. Among the hills slither strains of mist of all sizes. Where landslides used to be triggered by an abundance of trees ripping out swaths of ground, now the primary cause is the lack of greenery, courtesy of human activity, such as highway construction.

Siang river

it's all innocent fun until someone gets a rock land in their car

"Your country Italy or Germany? Czech Republic. Oh, Italy! Rich country!

The trip was long. But at one point the sun came out, which shocked me so profoundly that I had to take a nap.

roadside shopping

BBQ included

Here I present you with two options:

🔵💊: Omak's house in the town, right next to the jeep station. Your own room, wifi, hot shower - commodities you haven't seen for nearly two weeks. Accompanied by an itelligent conversation which will test your mettle in knowledge as well as philosphical integrity. Food of world standard.

🔴💊: Caling's village house, an hour out of town. You know the type. Forget shower, wifi of privacy, the dinner will be dal baht and conversation be mostly a spinning mantra of Your country? Italy. Nice country! Your country? Mars. Nice! Your country? Narnia. Nice country!

comment with your choice

it's a trick question

Caling's home views

below the surface cleaning squad

Caling, my driver and host for the night, is of my age. In his life he hasn't been much further than the 90 miles that we drove together today. He read until class 10, when he was recalled to tend the family fields. Now he's got three kids, the oldest about to enter puberty, with 4th on the way. He runs a little store and a little larger farm in his village.

now, out of the two of us, who's more societaly useful?

you're asking unanswerable questions

soccer field

FPP, fair pricing policy

The fruit factory, Mone's project, is a ruin. It's stood in an overgrown field and inside is naught but cows going to relieve themselves. My best guess is that it'll follow the countless houses and other architectonic marvels all across the Himalayas. The steel and concrete structure shoots up... and the money dries up and then everyone waits for a hundred years until the thing's taken apart by thieves and the rest gets reclaimed by the nature.

surface cleaning squad

always busy, with a kid in the house

It turned out that Omak was today also staying in the village, not in the town. Caling's house has rooms, and I've been ushered into one. And the conversation has made it all the way to prostitution in Czechia. Plus Caling's an excited guide.

This is natural water. Organic vegetables. Local old lady.

is she natural or organic?



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