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Catching breath in Kathmandu

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Made it pretty far, so far...:

  • 2 months in Pakistan

  • 1 month in India

  • 2 months in Nepal

That leaves me with 5-6 more months left.

What's gonna happen?

Let's dive in!

As always, my goal is the journey itself and finding the best means possible to share it with you all.

Three years into full time travel sharing, things are slowly taking shape.

Travel Drops are amazing, since these short insights can be read on your own time of which they don't take up a lot. I always stuff them choke full of images to let them slide into your consciousness a little bit smoother. So long as I can keep their prep time below 2 hours, we'll be Gucci.

Photos are making a comeback out into the open again! After a period when these were monetized, I'm stoked to open the album to everyone once again. We're at 992K views - let's roll that over the 1MILLION! PS.: Access to the monetized photos, including over 300 pictures from below Mt. Everest (Princeling's Dozen) can be purchased here.

Phone videos might show up on socials occasionally, but they're simply not my forte.

Live streaming, my bread and butter of the first two years, will also be making a limited comeback. Few times a month the blog's frontpage will light up with faces from afar and we'll be afforded a few hours of a blissful shared wander-time. I'll do my best to give Business Class members advance notice, but travel is inherently unpredictable, so no promises. But the recordings as such will remain available (to BC) for few weeks after the event, to give everyone a chance to savor the moments.

Documentary; yeah I am filming segments of the trip as well. My friends back in Europe are turning them into a magic, which will hopefully be made available online early next year. Until then, stay tuned for more details!

As always, I focus on pushing past the tourist bubble and taking a conscious approach to travel. In brief, respecting people around me and acknowledging them and their feelings. Do unto others as you wish they'd do unto you...

And where will we go? Wherever the wind takes me... ;)

(Although I'd like to visit the restricted northern territories in India and wrap up back in Pakistan.)

golden NPR in strawberries
A Golden coin for a good luck.

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