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Cross Cultures (APd7)

Sunday's mercy came through the absence of any major limbs ground in the wheel of the slow, but inevitable progress.

The second truck has arrived fairly early in the morning

any time before lunch is early morning

and lunch is served around 2PM

and kept us busy exercising for a brief hour. Team's morale got such a massive boost in the form of a hydraulic lifting trolley that they heaved all the multi-tonne machines down from the truck on their shoulders. Pretty stunning accomplishment even among dozen men.

But the assembly line is coming together and I'm curious if I'll be lucky enough to see its launch, before having to move on. It will be a close race.

Yesterday yet another man arrived

good thing Indians don't mind a good squishing

the rental space must be pretty crowded by now

which started causing an interesting friction. The two original AIM Technologies, Katon's machinery supplier's, engineers are Western Indians. That simply means that they don't eat local food. Imagine them like a spoiled family on holidays, only willing to consume burgers as if they stayed at their hometown drive through. AP is so far from the mainland India that the trade in spaces has never quite reached; people here use a lot less oil and the taste palette resembles ours more than the subcontinental Indian.

With the two guys this however isn't much of an issue, as they believe that money comes first and, after a tea & biscuit for breakfast, are happy to work throughout the day on only snacks and liquids. In the evening, they cook for themselves to their liking.

This new guy however, is from Central North and he's happy eating local; he actually demands to be fed with kilos of rice three times a day.

what an outrageous expectation

crazy guy, this one

And so Katon now has to feed the extra man to stop him from deserting...

There are no shopping malls or specialized stores in Pasighat. Nearest can be found after 4 hour drive in northern Assam. The small local shops only stock whatever there is demand for. And since Katon's will be the first factory of its kind around, any missing or wrong piece warrants either weeks to months long wait - getting an electric transformer for a fruit factory in the mountains took a month, and another to bring in the correct one, or a good deal of improvisation - today's evening was spent with the engineers at local electrician's, where they rummaged through the shopkeep's stash, working along the lines of European chef in Asia; you only use one kind of potatoes where we have three? Sure, I'll boil them, bake them, and stuff them into salad. No-one's gonna notice, right?

I've been hunted down x.x

I've been introduced to another dozen family members; Pasighat is named after the Pasi clan, which means that about half of the town is related to Katon (who is Pasi) and there won't be any shortage of new locations and faces for me to discover. Cowardly, I nod and mumble through these minute (literally) introductions, knowing full well that my brain capacity's been exhausted at gradually covering the names of his immediate family.

One of the disappointing effects of travelling is becoming an Olympic champion in being totally deaf to names.

people come and go faster than miles below my feet

what a lame excuse

it's *your* job to remember, brain

it's *your* job to make me care, heart

quit bickering, you two!

**and who are you??**

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