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Day of deliberation

As luck would have it

or God

bite me

I arrived right into local Sunday, observed one day early. And so, after a might fulfilling breakfast, we retired into a classroom cum church hall. It wasn't too full, nor too big, but Christians are if 0.001% of local population and I was still in shock nonetheless. But since the first friend in the chain works for ADRA, which has been invested in Bangladesh for years, it kind of makes sense.

front yard views

backyard views


The entire morning was obviously in Bengali, lots of talking and some singing - how long has been since I heard a song sung, it hit right home - and I did what I do in any lecture even since university. Dozed away. Don't blame me, it's something inside that cannot keep focused and has to retreat to worlds of its own. It's only a minute or two anyway.

hidden bodies of water



By the time local team building was through, lunch rolled around... Sundays are full obligations, right? But the community here rivals in hospitality all my visits to different religions throughout the year. Isn't it nice, how believing in something larger than one's little ego allows formation of such internal integrity?

Kindness is always to be paid forward and I'd like to think that I'm a conduit, sending the good intentions from here to you. Comment if the diary is helping you see others around you in a kinder way.

into the harbour

low tide washout

moored boats

side by side

And then it was mid-afternoon and I haven't even left the school. Mustered energy for at least a short (6 or 7 miles) walk. If you wonder why I keep walking, it's rather simple. As soon as I stop, I get swarmed by people always having the same questions. We talked about it before. "Europe. Narnia. Steven. Seven. Others? I killed them all..." If we ever spend a night in the same room, and you hear me say these words while asleep, you'll know exactly what kind of a nightmare am I having.

Note to self: you won't get anywhere without learning local language. What a different experience Japan was - but it took me over a year to start talking and two to hold a basic conversation. Squishing it into a month?

fun at the beach

lost sunset

Ponkaj, my Adventist guide

he's real friendly :)

There almost was a sunset, but as I was chasing a nice shot, the sun slipped into the evening haze a minute too early. But I'll have few days in the city to try again - and with some luck, maybe even escape outside, where pollution doesn't sit so thickly. Is that even possible in Bangladesh?

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