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Day of stupid decisions

I wake up alone.

The bus is silently zipping through a countryside shrouded in a mist, adding an eerie dimension to the fact.

Somewhere along the way we have lost all passengers, without me noticing.-

But I am in one piece and exactly where I wanted to be: in Koakata, a famous stretch of a beach west of Dhaka.

our night rider

early morning

Within minutes I have several accommodations offers floating around my face and call retreat. Koakata is one of Bangla's tourist center and as such is aswarm with hotels. My intention is to avoid the higher end of the market without spending too much time prowling the streets.

First place I ask - they aren't in my face, that's all it takes - quotes 500 BDT ($5) and I have only one follow-up question... is there wifi?


tourist section

local section

First genius idea of the day: let's go for a walk on the beach... in sandals.

Sounds good, right? Until you take into account it's me walking.


The Bay of Bengal is opaque, but people swim and fishermen are heading out to fish. Others are setting up chairs and sunshades for the new day. Sky is likewise grey, but the sun can already be felt pushing through the pollution layer. There's a little wind, but nothing outrageous.

vast rice fields inland

Without a particular goal in mind, I pick a side, west, and I start walking. It's pleasant, until my sandals' straps fall apart. But I'm on a beach so why not take them off completely?

Why not indeed.

Perhaps because I end up walking 7 miles and I haven't walked barefoot the entire year?

But then again, the sandals are so worn out that it mightn't have made a difference.

local handcraft

ship building

I do go in for a quick swim and the water is warm in the beach shallows. As I am trying to walk the length of the beach, I veer off in between trees to start turning back and come across a shallow river lined with knee deep mud fields. I am not even sure going across counts as a poor idea, if you disregard the few small scratches from vegetation and my whole outfit soon matching the skies.


I make it back about mid-afternoon and by then I'm pretty steaming. After months of monsoon, then cold skies of Ladakh and sunless week in Dhaka, I may have underestimated the sun a little bit.

The day's tally: developing blisters from walking barefoot, burnt nose (again) and all my clothes ready for laundry.

Oh well.


if I get a skin cancer, This is why

RIP ultralight ><

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