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Stayed in a different hostel as I didn't have the energy to deal with the my home, this lad at Shalik's. Downside: top bunk. Slept like a pirate, swinging from side to side. Bright side: pretty paintings and... a book stash.

Rest Up Kathmandu

full of profound messages

Round 2: pick your book!

Shantaram: an Ozzie gangster etching a new life in the slums of India, biography

Lullaby: a wild chase of a poem which kills the reader, comedy

Klara: a robot / AI learning about human love, Japanese um .. ?

I made my choice

well you better

Returning back, I made the mistake of taking a second look...

The Game: gentlemen's trade secrets to pick up any girl

Screen Writing: (obvious)

Think Again: self help title

Yeah, round two is tough. I might end up going back there just to grab one more title.

excited for the trip

Shortly after midday I went to meet the girl who is not Nasreen and an old friend who is not Ben. The plan is to tag along as they go distribute sanitary pads and other basic equipment in area near to where their ethical textile factory is in south eastern rural Nepal. We'll talk more about that in the coming days.

Bud in front of LWH, Sahin's (and Nasreen's) textile store in Thamel

Phase 1: getting out of KTM. We got a killer of a brand new jeep,



now fully loaded. Leaving the city is as bad as ever, but at least it's not raining yet.

loading our 'cherry'

Phase 2: sleep through the hills. Crucial bit as it saves me a good deal of breathing like a piston.

headed for the foothills

Phase 3: we're driving through a big valley by a river. Beauty abounds and the ride is rather pleasant. Hills are green and orange, river mudded. Southern Nepal is picturesque, if hot.

Sunkoshi river

Phase 4: hills again, this time I get caught by surprise and fail to fall asleep. At least I'm present to see a flipped car smack in the middle of a road and few minutes later a car wreck below a cliff. Even locals forget where they live sometimes. Yikes.

out past bedtime

Phase 5: night. Overdrive. Construction and landslides forced us into a detour, which grants us sights such as an endless line of trucks parked for the night by the road. Mayhem all around (I don't think anyone can sleep inside) to the point where army is directing the traffic. But otherwise we're blazing through the country at breathtaking 60 mph. I never thought this possible in Nepal.

so many spots to wild camp

tigers would be thrilled

All in all some nine hours to get us half across the eastern side of Nepal. We arrive well past 10pm and defer all work until tomorrow. At night it's only us and a limitless supply of mosquitoes. May the bloody games begin.

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