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End of 2024

Follows what may follow.

While the map is finished and I do not intend to update it this year anymore, there still is a reason for me to return to the origins of my Himalayan pilgrimage.

At the end of October, I'll be flying back to Delhi and from there retracing my steps through the Attari border to Lahore, and back into the mountains of Pakistan.

I'm thrilled to revisit old friends I made there and wrap up few loose ends of the travel-esque documentary we're brewing with my friends. I promise to speak more on that in some future update before the year's end :)

November = Pakistan.

For the most part, as for some weird reason I only got 25 days.

After, retracing my steps even further, I'll make an extended layover visit to Saudi Arabia, since I have those visa after all.

And from there it's only one flight back to Vienna, where everything begun with Miky and Juraj in early January. Last stop of the year in Bratislava, and by mid-December ... home?

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