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Flying across India

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

India's airspace is as wild and rowdy as Indians forming a line. Nothing like getting a good shake locked up on a plane. But we pulled through; few minutes under an hour on the first flight, two hours and a half on the second. Air Vistara flies nice even if the seats are sized akin to the minivan I was squished in yesterday.

No views, but we were flying above lowlands anyhow. Delhi is as lit up from above as you'd expect it to be - another major airport crossed off my who cares list. It's the overnight comfort that matters, actually.

morning ride outta Dibrugarh

yup, it was raining

There were two Air Vistara flights leaving at the same time, right next to each other. One for Delhi, second ... for Delhi, with a quick stop in Guwahati. This has caused no little commotion and confusion, with people migrating between the two lines. I half suspect the direct flight landed in Guwahati as well and the flights merged, since neither seemed to have more than a handful passengers.

Dibrugarh airport

can you imagine this full? the airport would burn down.

I was considering taking the train back. As the saying goes: don't bother with Indian trains, unless you plan to spend two days on 'em. Dibrugarh to Delhi is a match.

Out of curiosity I even looked up the longest route, which happens to be starting in Dibrugarh as well, but snakes along the eastern coast all the way to the southernmost state of Tamil Nadu. 3.5 days + delays. Very tempting.

But Delhi to Leh would be two more days and last I've heard the road was swept away by monsoon. This way I'll be able to invest the days elsewhere and, if weather holds up, do a little hike back out of the mountains, before heading over into Pakistan.

on board

twin flights

Dibrugarh itself is one of the funny little airports, smaller than an average village mall. You could throw a rock to the other side of it. They'd put you in jail before it'd land, but you most certainly could.

Security in India is no joke; the searches and screenings are thorough although you are allowed to have water and in that sense they're ahead here.

Tibetan themed decorations


I'd insert another quote from Shantaram, as the second volume has been my companion for the day, but it kinda started getting on my nerves as well, since it turned into an endless love triangle with guns and heroin for spice, so I'll spare us the pain.

baggage inspection no. 17

biryani dinner - Delhi airport

Gonna go spend a few hours looking up stuff about Ladakh. Third time is the charm. Let's see if I can finally penetrate into the forbidden border areas. And then a few hours in one corner or another, with 4 AM alarm to catch the final flight north.

Sitting by the airport exit, writing this post, with earbuds to drown the drumming going on outside. As I'm about to finish, these folks emerge from the exit. Now I'm not sure if a few drummers and cameras are a worthy welcome of Olympic winners or not ... what do you think?

PS.: A cricket team apparently!

Jai Hind!

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