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Hygiene day

Is a day, when a school class heads out to the river and as one body washes up. The poorer children in their ranks hop in with their clothes on and expand the excursion into a laundry day to the boot.

Foreigners and other extraordinarily clumsy beings remain stuck outside in the rain and bring the river back home in their pockets and shoes.

met police operated bakery

veg patty - twice the price of chicken

school to the left (out of frame)

one for the river...

Father of nation with his daughter

At the beginning, excited over the acceptance of my card, booked a whole week in the Office which now came back as an extra day to wander around aimlessly, run after doggos and hide from the monsoon.

In between the showers I slipped into an outdoor exhibition of planes, next to which I spotted subway. This cheered me up considerably, as it's infoboard extends it all the way to the airport, from which I spent over an hour on a bus.

But only about ten station are already in operation; the first exploratory line leading into the centre is opening in two weeks. Perhaps if I end up leaving Bangladesh via Dhaka, I'll be able to catch a ride...

in between monsoon

public transport / politician's autocade, stopping traffic for fifteen minutes

museum of micro-transactions: pay extra to go look into the plane

Bangladeshi AF1 rolling in

subway building

Improvised plan put me on a motorbike with map estimating twenty minutes to cross six miles. We took nearly two hours... what a clear demonstration of the advantage of rikshas with a roof, where I could at least read.

A feeble shortcut; if you love to geek out, check out to compare prices and merch selection with your Bangladeshi counterparts.

currently final subway station

one of the highest buildings in Bangladesh

if I'm to spend extra on dinner - may as well do it in style

the menu was priceless...

apple, pineapple, cashew in a flavourful sauce - not too bad

2 national shrines: mosque and a football stadium

Any attempt to expand on communications with local has so far been met with misunderstanding. I do not count sharing my country of origin. Although I am curious if people would like to know more and it's the language barrier preventing them from following up, or if that's simply as far as their interest goes. I was hoping for a better success in the main city. How am I gonna fare outside are stories of the following three weeks; I'll be taking off tomorrow evening.

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