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Hygienic packages, round two

The monsoon has paid us a cordial visit in the morning, drowning the whole plains in sorrow and dew. For one reason or another, that has stopped our yesterday's ride from coming and we were upgraded into a TukTuk. Certainly helps with air ventilation. Not so much with transporting the remaining 400 packages, 5 women and the 2 whites. I half expected us all to fit in asian style, but the pads went first and we followed.

any vehicle counts

en route

Today's school felt more than twice as big (we delivered 200 packages yesterday) and to confirm my impression, the principal got a speaker out. And thus the whole village has learned something new today. In a way, it makes sense as the idea is to destigmatize the topic and bring it closer to people. In that we have certainly succeeded.


The school's size and gathering out in the open reflected in one more aspect. Both me and Bud were constantly getting chased down for selfies, which went directly up on TikTok (no that's not the taxi but an app). Along with Facebook, it's The social app in all Himalaya. No mention of Threads yet, but then again, neither Twitter nor Instagram aren't much known in here either.



The entire process was so smooth that most girls managed to walk out before we had a chance to take the government required group picture. The last few girls that we managed to gather will have to do. It always stresses me out, when I'm asked to take official pictures - like the time I nearly became a photographer for a bus of Pakistani newlyweds. The older my gear gets and the more cracks it gathers...


Heat returned in the afternoon; most of our downtime we spend pinned under a wildly rotating fan, surviving.


casually steaming house at sunset

The humanitarian aid, for which Nasreen secures international aid and which Sahin then distributes on the ground, is only half of their local activities. The other half works more closely with adult women - and we'll save the details for tomorrow. =)

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