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In between days

dorm life

"OK, have a nice life bro!"One of my Rambler dormies hates my socks (even the clean ones). Might be because I consider him the most annoying dormie I've had in a long while. Essentially since visiting the home-dorm-squats ('hostels') in Australia and New Zealand. Different story. Hear me out. This dude behaves as if he was still in his Nepali home (yes he's local): whatever he sees he considers free to be borrowed and used. Locks the dorms door to change... and doesn't bother unlocking it. Coming to a locked dorm is easily one of the most frustrating experiences you can have. And most of all is nonstop in a call. Loud. At eleven at night. Wouldn't you get up and tell him a piece of your mind?


On the other side of the room sleeps a white dude of roughly my age. Wakes up before six to stretch and meditate for an hour or two. Same thing in the evening. I don't think I've ever noticed someone do this before and it's amazing.

rooftop dormie (he's chill if hungry) / 2020 tourism mascot

hive mind Six years ago. Nepal was the first country in which I have noticed how scary advertisement can be. Kids who didn't have notebooks and pencils had phones with two sims. Everyone was drinking coke. Literally across the country. Imagine being a major international corporation and swallowing a whole country like this... The newest mass craze is... taekwondo. Again, across the country. Every. single. school. This outright fascinates me. How did this get to all corners of a country such as Nepal? Where did they come up, pretty much overnight, with a teacher in every village? Mystery. But someone, somewhere, is laughing hard.

training in an old shrine in a monsoon is very cool

local authentic In the mountains I had the times nailed down. Good chowmein (noodles) takes thirty minutes to prepare. Fresh momos (dumplings) anywhere between an hour to two (never ask for those), dal baht (brick maker) an hour. Old school Nepali eateries don't prepare nothing in advance. Even in Thosey High one of the commuting issues mentioned was expiration of food brought from home by the time lunch comes around. You'd expect that in Japan, not here. Especially when you see their meat sitting on shops' counters in the heat with flies buzzing around it all day (don't eat that). That's ok. But having pre-cut veggies is a no no. In a big group, if you order various dishes, someone is gonna wait over an hour. And the shop owner will almost certainly go around the village to buy ingredience for your dish/es. And, desperately, ask neighbours for change if you pay with anything but exact bills. And yet, it's a beloved experience many (myself included) go through over and over again. Partly for the timelessness of the wait which builds up a nice appetite. But mostly - for the flavour. It's kind of like grandma's cooking. Special, delicious, having you come back for more.

naan (fluffy, fresh, flat bread) and sauce with cheese & veggies

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