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Into 2024 I wish you luck and courage. Because courage is Lady Luck's favourite perfume.

After three years on the road ..

out of the last 30 months I spent in active travel 25 ..

dependence on others - lack of own transportation - is a dear mistake below the Himalayas ..

and regularity creeping into monotony's domain kills spirit and enthusiasm alike ..

homeland winter

It would seem that I'm tired physically, psychically as well as financially.

tired as a turtle

Physically ..

I experimentally found out that ..

carrying a backpack doesn't lead to strong back ..

and walking doesn't stretch legs ..

I wanna get back to rock climbing; I didn't bring my climbing shoes into the mountains ..

and to regular stretching and exercise, which froze away in the Himalayan winters ..

new projects brewing

Psychically ..

should re-learn to trust the word of others ..

calm my mind and re-learn to focus on tasks essential in our civilization - rather than only travel related issues ..

time spent at home is also a welcome opportunity to update my perception of Czech cultural environment ..


Follow few photos ..

from concerts in a city hall, church and a pub ..

guess which one I liked the most ..?

city hall


and a pub

also few lights to warm up the bleak winter and its endless nights ..

a light show installation on Czech castle Loucen

Financially ..

how much am I still travelling for myself, and how much is it for you and the others ..

in the mountains, I fear, I've lost my balance ..

which is reflected in the attention the flows back to me ..

And so, with the nascent of new year, a new path emerges ..

new ways of content creation and sharing ..

The first taste comes from Prague ..:

Over the winter, in similar minute fashion, I'll go through my half forgotten materials from Japan and USA and transform them into a series for social media. Come spring we'll swimmingly link them up with the professional production of Himalayan documentary :)

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