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IRL Streaming Rockstars

Complication: southern SIMs don't work in G-B.

Solution: getting a SCO SIM, the only operator authorized to work in the border areas, is easy.

Catch: the SIM needs to be approved by officials in Islamabad if a foreigner is applying to obtain it.

And if the guy behind the counter isn't particularly motivated to even submit your application.. it'll take a while.

when you can choose anything as your licence plate

With the request for application submission (silly eh) lodged, I went to see an old friend of mine. Qayum is one of the friendliest people I know, taking care of the homeless and demented in the area, among many other things. He has small shop in the centre, from which he fishes for foreigners he spots on the street. It's how I meat him.

His legendary status is well known in the travelling community and so the next meeting shouldn't come as a surprise.

first evening up north

Few days ago, as I was streaming in Lahore, one of my viewers pointed out to me a German family with two kids, first of 10 years and second of 18 months in age, travelling in a camper van in northern Pakistan and streaming full time.

I lodged the information into the back of my mind, as they seemed to be all the way up north, much past Gilgit, and I figured I'd check on them once I made it to Hunza.

Qayum's store

Now, having walked into Qayum's store, I was greeted in German accent by a lady with two children running around. I mean, where else would they be, if not in the best and friendliest company in town? Totally makes sense.

We both might have geeked out a little. Neither of us has ever had the chance to talk about behind-the-scenes streaming issues with another streaming pilgrim.

morning views

Not only are they, as a family, traveling and live streaming full time (120-160 hours per month) in countries most people don't even dare to enter - they came to Pakistan via Iran, and still have a China and Russia visits ahead of them, among other places - both Milka and Rene have a part-time obligations on top. Rene uploads videos they film along the stream, Milka is keeping her archaeological position at German university through remotely maintained research.

And if that's not amazing and 'live-your-dream' and 'nothing is impossible' mindset to the fullest then I don't know what is.

Qayum's Serene Guesthouse

And what are you waiting for? Tomorrow never comes.

dreaming of tomorrow's freedom

Rene and Milka's stream:

Milka's impression of Qayum (practice your German or Google Translate):

PS.: I am still without the SIM, so this post is a kind of a barrage of words written before they kick me out of a cafe ---

PPS.: Sweated out after long moments of despair on a platform coded by rich kids in Cali who cannot fathom someone wouldn't have a perfect internet connection x-x

PPPS.: I never actually met Rene who came to pick up his family while I was in the city, chasing other dead ends :(

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