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Last day in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The bright, warm morning light slips into the room along with a soft breeze carrying chirping of birds - and nothing else. It takes me a while to assess that I am still in the middle of Dhaka. Whatever mojo this place has going, it's strong. I doubt there'd be many of them in the entire megapolis.

Makes me realize how nice it is to have the door open and air flowing through the place freely on a nice day.

work space and a huge library

With Farid's wisdom and love gone to work and school respectively, it's quiet in the breezy apartment. He himself works - after years of working in TVs as an employee, he moved onto freelance work, even though he still cooperates with televisions every now and then. Their major project now is to visit every district of Bangladesh - and there's over 50 and learn about effect of seasons on the people's working life. In his free time he focuses on single women and how their lives are being shaped by the society. Maybe, at the end of this road, a local alternative to the Grimm's Tales will emerge?

quiet corner of the town

My own plans, traditionally in this country, don't work out. It's Thursday and state museums are closed. That leaves me with only planning next trips to do and I finalize my tomorrow's transit via India to Pakistan; it's a headache as I need little cash, but then I'll need more for staying in Pakistan - and India's the only country out of the three that has no markup on ATMs. But my time in Pakistan's gonna be short, so I'll cross over asap.

As Farid heads out to collect his daughter, I fill him in the crucial aspect of a freelancer's life; going to have a coffee. And it so happens that they have a coffee place right next to their house! That must be fate. The bigger co-working spaces are few kilometres away, but maybe he'll make it there one day too.

too quiet, perhaps?

I bum around the projects, the water areas downtown for the day. My boots are still wet from few days ago; and I can't be bothered getting anywhere far in sandals. It makes for a slow day with a lot of reading - I'm about half way through HPMOR and despite one or two weaker chapters, it still runs like the Hogwarts' magical steam train. At least once a day it brings about a minute of reflection for me; I'm not writing it down, but I'll probably start... on second read. Have you started yet?

back by the Projects

You get one guess as to the dinner's conversational topic. It's not difficult. The young daughter's schooling... stay in country and retain cultural heritage... or go abroad (again, both parents have experience with living abroad) and trade that, including fluency in Bangla language, for better prospects in her life?

Can't have it both.

What'd you choose...?

and where?

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