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Leaving Nepal

I still see them in all that wiggles. I still feel them in every itch. I still read them in every bloody reference.

It's gonna pass.

it's gonna pass

final bookswap

Heavy, aggressive rain overnight, easing up into a drizzle in the morning. It occurs to me that a rain like that is the best recipe for disaster. KTM attracts a lot of rainfall in unpredictable patterns. Not a good place to be during a monsoon.

from one minute to another

Breakfast is my last meal of the day. Firstly, so I can keep a banknote or two, in case of an emergency. But mainly because before leaving home, I can never eat much; my stomach likes to test my determination to set out on the journey. And in a country where I normally have twenty seconds from the first call, to action, I don't want to risk any more unwanted adventures. However, it's a clear sign of how much the laid-back life in KTM has grown on me.

lucky clear afternoon

At the last minute I manage to get my watch repaired, a jacket torn by crampons patched up, and I squeeze a News section onto the website.

evening gloom

I find the bus without any trouble, and I'm allowed inside. We depart with the setting sun, and in the fading daylight I see the Nepalese Himalayas on the horizon for the last time, the play of disappearing light lifting them into the heavens.

...and I'm off!

The bus is only half full, which gives us space at the back to stretch out, and I go entertain myself by catching Z's scattered far and wide by the bumpy ride.

We are supposed to reach the border as it opens at 6 AM.

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