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Leaving the Langtang Valley

I had a dream that I saw the mountains.

Then I woke up.

it wasn't a dream

there was a Czech calendar in my teahouse - ofc I had to stay there!

Vistas played hide and seek with the grumpy weather all morning and I was, occasionally, allowed to admire fragments of the valley's beauty.

farewell, Langtang

It was a nice, peaceful walk downhill, until I reached

the bridge

dead horses

No dead horses today (spoiler).


But the bridge was pretty much gone and there could have been good forty horses with cargo stranded on both sides.

Fascinated, I watched the horse masters wade through the victorious stream, searching for a crossing.

nothing can stop a sherpa

And soon enough, they settled on a path.

Few more rocks thrown in - and over you go, horsies!

you wouldn't get -me- in there

a horse crossing

No horse was hurt in the feat.

looking back

Filled with awe I kept on walking for two more hours, until reaching my lunch spot.

To make up for the delay, I accepted whatever the man of the house had cooking. Can you guess? Yea...


Hard Rock Cafe

The feast must've attracted the rain and once the falling water has settled in its rhythm, it refused to let go.

Hiking for hours, squeezed between falling rain and floating horse pies, is an excellent practice of perception of the plasticity of time. Bypassing its linear nature, I deserted my body and, leaving it autopilot through the strenuous task, wandered off to happier moments.

liquid rage


local sage's advice

three hours later

I came back to a mess. Why is it that my shoes never last? Frogs were battling leeches for living space between my toes.

But I made it.

Locals are saints, getting a fire going, to nurse me back into dry-if-stinky walking order.

nearly out

Day's tally:

0 landslides (1 broken and few submerged bridges)

2 Japanese, 1 western, 1 Indian tourists with guides + handful local tourists, all going up

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