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Lil' conversation

Spent an hour today in a conversation with Keshav, one of the school's teachers. Follows a transcript of his thoughts, or at least those I was able to remember =)

"I grew up here, until Grade 8. Then I went on to study in a bigger city and KTM after that.
"There was a civil unrest in Nepal for 10 years [Civil War, 1996-2006]. That time was very hard. A person got killed in our village when the rebels were hiding here. I didn't know if with the next step I will live or die. I could not stay here.
"In 1998 I moved to Emirates for work. In the office we used English, but on the street nobody wants to talk in English. The first months were very hard. But after half a year I learned enough Arabic.
"Language is the base of a human connection.
"I tried applying for Working Holiday visa in Canada, but they wanted a proof of language proficiency. But the TOEFL and IELTS classes overlapped with my work. So I had to resign on my application.
"After 8 years I was coming back. They didn't want to accept my resignation in Emirates. 'You have your job here! Bring your family over, no problem. Stay.' But I went back anyway.
"My sister lives in the US through the Diversity Visa Program. When I wanted to visit her, I submitted all my paperwork: that I have a work, family, children here, everything. They still rejected my application.
"In 2015, after the Earthquake, so many foreigners came to help, so much money was sent in. Each family was to receive 30 lakh, but the government kept most of it and we only got 3 lakh ($2.300 currently). Corruption is our main problem.
"Our country is rich in resources, but all the young people are leaving. So many study and live abroad, in Japan, Australia, elsewhere. Why doesn't the government create international institutions here? But all they care for is remittance from the people.
"We could raise, economically. But not like this. If something doesn't change, Nepal will be in trouble in a decade or two.
"I think the new generation will see this. I think things will change in 3 years, when there is the next general election. That is my hope for the future.

Shortened for brevity and my memory's sake.

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