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Local women initiatives

Here's a good piece of foresight:

- to go abroad, having a skill is useful.

JPN flashback

Six years ago, the big push was to get children to school. Things have changed since. Now the push leads out of the country and the more people I meet, the more stories of siblings and children having made it I encounter. Student visa, diversity visa... Nepal truly is blessed with opportunity to the point where starting a business (in certain areas) here is a problem, since the market is rapidly becoming saturated.

cooking class

We went to see a cooking class with Shiva in the morning. An initiative organized by the moms I met yesterday and funded via NGOs and, a little, the local municipality as well. Some 40 students, majority of whom are young people trying to get abroad.

The room smells sweet as we come in: students are welcomed by an inspirational batch of cookies. Follows another endless session of taking photos, but since I'm packing my camera this time, I need to keep schtum.

Hired local chef then shows everyone how to prep the sweet mix, another round is made communally and after 20 minutes wait, the class is over. Everyone walks out with few cookies and a new recipe to practice at home.

try it yourself!

In the meanwhile, the bells in my head rang.

time is now

Two days ago I messaged my final old friend, the girl fighting for women's rights (such as to have a period safely). We were trying to setup a meeting. Today, these ladies here mentioned their other goal is to empower women, allow them to become independent.

I figured both parties might want to talk. Sometimes, not thinking too hard is fun. Shiva told me after that groups and individuals with the same goal are spread all throughout Kathmandu.


at Nasreen's store. we'll be back

I suppose I wanted to repay their kindness with information; and so we went for a visit to Thamel. 2 guys and 3 moms in a taxi, sounds like a bad joke. But it all went pretty well, even if I'm not at all sure they'll be able to work together. Moms at least bought friendship bracelets...

design or improv?

"When you leave Nepal, you'll miss Dal Baht!"

Having a late lunch at one of the moms' place. This was Shiva's joke.

"Let us find you a Nepali girl and we can have a proper local wedding!"

Moms' joke. Except...


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