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Nindam expedition day 1

Seven o'clock start turns into nine, then ten and finally eleven. In a scientific way, I'm curious how this is gonna work out, because my experience paints in my mind gale, rain and struggle for survival.

To reach those climatic joys, there are several hours of car drive ahead of us, to the trailhead.

moorning / brunch

"How long is the climb?

further than you think

"What's the inclination?

enough to have you lose your breath

"How many years prep do I need to climb Everest?

between zero and infinity

"How do people poop on Everest?

your DNA stays frozen in the snow forever


entering Heniskot village

Arjun is a man of many questions. The Climber Siddhart patiently answers all of them, and both deflect complains of the Wild Siddhart, who on repeat claims he'd have done the peak in one day, rather than three. I go to sleep; I've spent too much time locked in a car over the last several days and can't wait for the freedom of broad skies.

in the village

The area we are passing closes up. Peaks grow sharper and gullies narrower, until we sneak through an invisible pass in between several silent sentinels into the promised valley, where we parked our car.

It's three in the afternoon.

We pick up a local who'll be our "guide", making sure we don't misbehave on the mountain.

Wild Siddhart / Arjun, Climber Siddhart

We eat roti with spinach for lunch, we pack and before anyone notices, four o'clock rolls around.

Yes, the cutoff time to make it into a teahouse on any trek in Nepal.

We start hiking.

following the guide

The amount of chitchat and stops would shame a hen party on a stroll.

The number of quarters of an hour spent waiting on others' ciggy and selfie breaks is staggering.

Not even the sun setting and a light drizzle sweeping through the area rallies the three friends to a greater haste and so we reach the campsite with darkness on our heels.

It's not the base camp - we miss nearly an hour of hiking to hit this basic milestone. Too late.

first glimpses of the peak and drizzle

getting water

At 7:30, in the light of torches, we find out that our tent's poles are ripped to pieces. I would be in stitches if there wasn't a real chance of things going deadly wrong.

We improvise the dome with bits of rope and move onto bickering over dinner.

Prepping for bed, I find out that the rental sleeping bag's zip doesn't work as well; clearly, we're all going punk style this time around.

By half past ten the guys are still arguing over the best wakeup time and trying to take pictures of the night sky.

tent / cooking (in 2nd tent)

garbage disposal on yak poop and shrubs

it's a step up; our guide kept trying to let everything go with the wind

Can you think of anything that we forgot from the list of things you shouldn't do while climbing?

Because to me it seems we've covered everything from a to z, with few highlights from the morse to the boot.

Let me know in comments.

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