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Old Dhaka

I paid a week, rather than either only 2 days or 30, as my bookings might've suggested, at the Call Centre. The owner has offered to shift me and, not wanting to mingle with his employees while their work, I accepted. Only to be shifted to a room on the other side of the working place. It has two noisy fans, instead of one, and a massive TV taking up the whole table.

Since at least several of the workers are living in the office, I think I just stole someone's TV for a week. Not the best way to ingratiate myself. But this other place has a bathroom close, with a hot shower, sooo -

Oh, and it's not actually a call centre, rather an office that sends students abroad, meaning no cashbacks, sorry :)


lined up rikshas

Met up with Raisul again: Dhaka is apparently so ugly that people go take selfies with remnants of British colonial buildings. Spotted a film crew filming a teenage drama in the corridors as well. Clearly a big hit.

Second major landmark: monument to language independence resistance against Pakistan, before the partition. We zapped through on the bike before I could take a picture. Next time.

We concluded today's tour in a foodie place for lunch; biryani famous for not using oil, but some kind of a spicy drink - sauce to go with it instead. It was pretty good; much better rice than the usual thick one.

now a Univ. of Bangladesh


drum on the left is where all the biryani (mixed chicken and rice) is made

Off to stream after - watch the recording (here). It's in Czech, so I'll tell you the highlights.

Old town, old fort from a 17th century in the beginning. Only gardens and a bathhouse left, although the baths were out of order. Which is a shame as they could make millions running those. Literally. Still dying.

The gardens follow the clever logic of minimal obstacles: 20 Taka (20c) local entrance fee is enough to keep the place from overcrowding, resulting in a pleasant harbor in the city of madness.

peeking into the gardens

Lalbagh Fort

Czech t-shirt, but the dude had no clue

Second stream highlight was a boat across the river, from one of the extremely crowded suburban areas. Whenever I stopped for more than a second, I'd draw a crowd. Once, when I spoke to one of the guys, we racked up few dozen people like that. Locals are cool though, polite and respectful. They let me run away without trying to squeeze the air or cash out of me. Almost no-one speaks English; even the hellos are hushed and uncertain, which makes for rather awkward two-way stares.

River's as busy as you'd expect from the local source of anything and everything. I suspect they breed chicken there as well, if not below the surface, then on boats.

Buriganga river

local vs (local) tourist

seemed pretty, all the lights - the noise, not so much

Third highlight: hiding in an eatery to taste one of the steel stomach fishes from the river. After the initial wave of amazement, we were left more or less to our selves and the massive struggle of eating another boat load of rice. The fish was good. Rice with lime well, I could live without.

Cinderella speeding away

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