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Passing through Khulna

"Bakshees! Room bakshees!"

A pre-teen kid is checking me out. Clearly not bothered by the fact that power, water and internet alternated in taking a break and that the whole place, from eight to eight was a pretty noisy construction site. I leave him alone.

leaving Kuakata

I opted for a day bus ride in order to visit another member of online traveller community. Hesitant after the first several attempts, with Farid keeping balance - but I'm here to learn and one or two failures can't damp my spirit. Still, we agreed to meet for an afternoon, so that I could keep my options open.

in between bridges

A five to six hours on the bus become eight and I'm glad I woke up early, otherwise there wouldn't be any time left in the day. Except for one huge splash, which pinned us down for half an hour, nothing much happened and mid-afternoon I was getting off in the city of Khulna, which lies kind of in between places.


I am offered to stay a night and split-second decision judges that it is an honest offer, a display of true Bengali hospitality, without false intensions. Besides, it'll be nice to talk with someone who knows English, even though with both of us having our noses full the conversation is rather cyclical at times. Changing of the seasons...

what a hilarious animal

Pritish isn't a student anymore, but he lives in a student accommodation to save on rent; he's paying less than $10 a month -! Which lets him keep his living expenses below $50 a month. Amazing.

renting seats to bachelors

As a bank mathematician with only the last set of exams in between him and a government job, he is an accountant and a leader of the little community of students. It's sort of like student dorms at home, without the drugs, alcohol... and girls.

with Pritish in his room

His female friend invites me -us- for dinner and I'm getting ready for a night out... and then we're hastily handed over the food on the street, with a quick "See you tomorrow." She lives in girls dorms and no visit are permitted, period. We go back to Pritish's to eat the rice, chilli, soy beans and crab curry, and finish with a nice pomelo. The fruit here almost makes up for all the heat, humidity, rain and mosquitoes.

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