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Pathways to the future

Today, traditionally, was irregular.

A local NGO visited the school in the morning to distribute bags and other basic school supplies. After lunch preparations for the tomorrow's festival, the Scout Day, have begun. Both events were an excellent occasion for the students to spill out of their classrooms onto the school grounds. Needless to say, not much teaching or revising was done.

6x days a week schedule (in theory)

I took it as an opportunity.

One way to get closer to people is to give them your most valuable possession; time. And so I sat down and watched the hubbub. Opened myself up. Before too long children started coming up to me. And we had solid conversations; many know English well, but they're either shy or can't be bothered cooperating in class. Now they came of their own accord and we had a grand time.

collecting school supplies

Well, until Rakesh showed up.

I swear he sounded like a turkey from Asterix and Obelix, hudry hudry - and while I didn't understand, the message was clear. Supported by few slaps and punches, the children quickly took for the hills (definitely not classrooms). Rakesh then turned his assault at me with jabs such as "How much did your phone cost?" "Yeah, one hour of work for you, one month for me!" "Can you sell me your tablet? We're friends! And it's only an hour of work for you, so what?" "I like fun, but I need money first!" And that's the guy I was meant to help be a better teacher? I told him to go join the kids and learn from them, and moved on.

general mayhem

Tell you a story.

My childhood, pre-teen years. Playing this game on our first computer (the big box thing), a motorbike racing game. You could pick up bonuses to help you out. One was a whip to sweep your competitors off the track. My mom saw me use it and told me the game's too violent and to turn it off. To this day, I'm very protective when someone tries to watch my screen. While there are other factors at play, this knot of time has certainly contributed.

100% children made (in the best sense possible)

This is very powerful.

I can trace moments when I have affected my siblings such, for better and worse. And children from Ecuador, Vietnam, and other places. It has me constantly thinking how easy it is to change a trajectory of a child's life. The power we yield...

testing phase

Over the day I got to know good half a dozen of classes. The kids got to know me; it took them half a second to figure what is what on my phone and search in apps; stuff many adults struggle with. 😆 Confirm I don't have TikTok (😭), see what I listened to on YouTube, what games I have installed (but never seem to have time to play). Change context from teacher & students to friends sat on a grass and magic happens.

And so, on my penultimate day in Thosey, the universe has realigned.

ready for tomorrow

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