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Scout Day

Scout in Nepal is a 'proof of skill' in marching and obeying commands: useful, if you intend to join the army or police. I'm not sure that was the original founding idea, but that's what it developed into here. Baden Powell is pretty revered though; everyone knows his name. Did you?

morning prep time

march practice

flag hoisting

Rakesh showed me a video of Powell's speech in which he goes "You girl in the back. Not you, the pretty one behind you! Yes, you can join the Scouts!" And I figured the founding ideas wouldn't fly in today's world anyhow.

stage views


For once, the school provided meals. The meal schedule is worth mentioning: people wake up around five and have a cup of tea. Around nine is lunch: Dal Baht. In the early afternoon comes tiffin, an Indian word for a tea break. That tends to be a light meal like donuts and chickpeas. Day's wrapped up with a second serving of Dal Baht in the evening. And yes, people don't use toilet paper; what good would it be when laying bricks? 🤣

lunch and dinner


waitin' for food

Anyway, a Scout Day teaches children what a political rally is. You sit, you listen to old men talking forever, clap, and get fed at the end to leave on a high note. There, done. I have to admit I slept through 70% of these 70% of the day.


The other 30% were the day's saving grace. Marching (😶), dancing, singing and finally at the end the obstacle course. As per good Nepali tradition, one song will make do. In this case, Scout Nepali. Gotta admit the tune's extremely catchy. If you don't believe me and would like to see (other) children marching-dancing, hop on over here.

obstacle course

With the day's wrap I had to move as well. Public connection to KTM from Thosey is limited, which left me with no option but to head over to Jiri to catch a minivan again. Rakesh apologised for his jokes, which was nice. Otherwise I was mostly asked to not forget Thosey, the school and the teachers.

volleyball practice on a quiet afternoon

team tiffin


Final bead of wisdom from Thosey: the little birds living in everyone's front rooms are called Gauthali and their presence is believed to be a sign of a good fortune. And so, the next time a bird loads up your drink, calm down and observe the fortune of the mountains circling through your veins.


and Jiri

liked B.J.'s place better 😅

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