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Secret amidst clouds

It's no wonder that last night was an esoteric experience full of deep shadows, unanswered questions, and fleeting conjectures. The hostel owner and the only voluntary English speaker got trapped on the way home by the wrath of heavens. We chatted beneath the morning dome of fluffed up clouds.



There are few interesting places around Pelling that can be visited on foot. Countless more or less significant monasteries and waterfalls compete for every available slope. Monasteries are like churches: after a while you can't tell them apart, and visiting waterfalls during the monsoon feels like an extreme form of masochism. So I hiked over to castle ruins; Tibet and neighbouring countries imitated European hobby of stacking stones into massive formations atop of inaccessible hills. Following Europe further still, their descendants entertained themselves by destroying and dismantling the structures stone by stone over the subsequent centuries. Few castles may have survived in Bhutan...

Rabdentse ruins

seat of the local ruler

for about 50 years...

A bit below the ruins, I stumbled upon an aviary that kept me entertained for a good few hours...:::

MORE bird photos (DSLR album)

cluckin crazy

Soon afterwards the monsoon circled back in fierce display of enthusiasm and I alternated between getting soaked and sipping hot tea to maintain a balanced pH for most of the afternoon. Sikkim masala chai mix is the best I've had this year so far.

swallowed by the cloud

if you misbehave, we're gonna lock you up

Meanwhile, the teahouse came alive; two Indian women arrived and kicked me out of the shared dorm. Which I find unfair since I just endured a proper monsoon showering, and the local DB is onion-free, meaning I'm completely odourless. And besides, they wouldn't have even seen me because the rain indeed washed away electricity from our hill. So, we once again find ourselves surrounding a flickering candle, gazing mournfully at the opposite slope which is basking in electric light.

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