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Shorten days

Follows my favourite part of the program: waiting. Throughout the summer and fall I've spent a good deal of energy and time in messaging with the guys here in an attempt to arrange a proper expedition into the mountains. Initially, I intended to skip Ladakh altogether and come here directly, to get lost in the Karakoram for a month. But, ultimately, it's simply another demonstration of the royal behaviour of Pakistanis; things get done after personal intervention. Why should someone else be working things out on my behalf? And so there was no plan and I didn't come right away... and you know the rest.

Sahlan / hard at work

find 1 difference on my breakfast English test from other countries

no grammar mistakes!

I'll let you work out all the 100 implications yourself...

Now I am here and things are finally taking shape. But since noone planned or expected anything, only now everyone is looking into their plans for the next days. There certainly is no lack of enthusiasm here. Like in other mountainous areas, life at home and within reach of a bikeride is essentially free. And there are few dozen mountains within grasp. No shortage of activities; would you like first to go rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing or just sunbathe in the sun?

autumn colours

early evening

Even then, it's a small miracle. All these guys are in between twenty and thirty five, having the time of their lives and excited to share their enthusiasm with others. Maybe. Maybe I'll return to a chonky bill like last time. :D But for now we're planning, arranging and in the meanwhile I am either lounging up on the roof in the sun, when it's out, or hiding inside wrapped in my blankets, when clouds take over.


Hunza Wings

The fall in Hunza is gorgeous, full of colours. The bottom of the valley retains its ocre, slopes resemble a rainbow stretched over the trees until eventually the colours get sapped out and only white on the peaks rules supreme. Absorbing the beauty visually is nearly as satisfying as walking on the slopes (and certainly less tiring).

And then evening comes and the power goes - electricity is free here, but rather spotty - my hands go numb and I'm off under the blankets to read for a while, before falling asleep.

back to paper, back to the roots

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