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Spicy welcome to Terai

One might think that for a traveller such as myself, few hundred miles won't change anything. One could not be more wrong.

Terai is an eastern region bordering with India: as south as it gets in Nepal. It's completely flat, with only faint outlines of hills on the edge of the horizon. It's beautiful, with small rice fields, patches of mango trees and bamboo and houses nested in between.

Bud, who's been helping around for the last 6 years, has been telling me stories of how they'd feed nearly half a million locals a day during corona years. Perhaps that is one of the factors that contributed to locals slowly opening up to the LWH community and their ideas.

morning-ish views

I'm used to food turning my stomach upside down, but here it's next level. Eating spicy food, I've cried before and I'd have troubles breathing. But I've never felt dizziness creeping up on me to the point where I had to put the food down. I don't think it was that spicy, but in combination with the heat and 99% air humidity... I nearly got knocked out. And don't ask about the other end of the process, ever.

unassuming root of my troubles

Imagine having the police called on you for falling in love (out of your cast). And when you clear the house to avoid getting arrested, your parents threaten with suicide, to bring you back... Tradition is paramount here, where Buddhism, Islam and olden beliefs coexist side by side. And that's the region Nasreen's bringing a change into.

fast-forward to the next day

I crept out of the bed late, tried to eat... and went straight back. And slept. More and more. Like half a day. Sheesh. An extreme food variation of a jet lag. Good thing we came in early and Sahin (who's running the operation now that Nasreen has become an international speaker) had to do some groundwork today, before we'll be allowed out and around. Since we're starting tomorrow, I can only hope that the one day's rest has been enough to recover...

it's so hot I shower with cold water

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