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Spiritual Sunday

Overheard morning conversation snippets: "...and they started packing at six in the morning. And they talked with each other, stepping up their voice in turns." The avalanche of complaints must've gone for a good half hour. The guy was French, so it essentially was not his fault.

His conversation mate: "...and I get to talk for five minutes, but she talks for forty, what an awful conversation!"

Next table, a group of Indian guys talks about the moon, the movies, geeks out on sci-fi films lore.

Remember me talking about the Indian whatever it takes mentality? This is a direct consequence; westerners spending hours complaining about everything, or trying to make things right (according to them) ... Indians peacefully move on to topics that hold their interest, accepting the world's imperfections without wasting their breath or karma.

a dog picture a day keeps the sorrows away

local laundry

tourist laundry (love the balcony design :D)


Royal Enfield

Stirred for a bit of prep-action mid morning and made another round of the beat. Most places don't sell /rent gear; you either buy our whole package or move on. What a drag. Found one nice lady who'll not only rent me stuff, but gave me free tips on how to avoid having to pay a guide. Still working on details with the crazy dude who did over 70 miles in high altitude over the weekend, but hopefully I'll keep up at least for the peak. Among the two of us we could probably mange getting a decent person to come along - or wing it, if there isn't too much snow. Which this time of year is the most likely season for. Practice hike tomorrow - I have a 18.000 feet peak in mind, so long as I catch a ride to the trailhead in the morning. Might've over-shopped... 😅 But nuts and energy bars will last for the main event, so no wasted purchase. Still, I've never packed 2 litres of drinks and over 5.000 calories for a day. Could feed a herd of goats. Or one of myself.

trekker's paradise


most DYI I've done all year 😅

yum yum

Brief stop in the Ladakhi museum in the afternoon; it's small, in an old tower of few stories, with good views of the Hill. Probably my favourite cultural place in the area so far .


traditional scripts

Silk Route paths, Leh - Lhasa were 3 months of travel...

what day do you think is tomorrow?

timeless work

Hill views

Went for a late afternoon livestream around the town. There was a good deal of English speakers in chat - if you know Twitch, send me a follow and come say hello :) It was the first day with clouds I've seen up here. Sunset luck maybe next time. Plus it was windy. But we bounced around the castle - monastery hill and later Leh's downtown all the same.

Leh's main shopping ave

shared spirituality

WML tmrw!

wish me luck tomorrow


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