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The Bamboo Resort, day one

Few years back I was kayaking down the Mekong river in southern Laos with my then travel friends. It was my first wild water experience, just like the Annapurna circuit has been my first mountain experience few months before that. It won't come as a surprise that me and my kayak mate capsized. It was close to the shore and we didn't drown or got eaten by crocodiles. Byt my friend has impaled his foot...

Locals who were with us provided first aid; washed up the wound in the Mekong and applied several layers of kitchen shrink-wrap foil. One of them gave him his crocs in exchange for the pair lost to the river and we happily carried on.

The point of the story is obvious - shrink-wrap is a universal medicine.

Bamboo Resort

leech bleeding treatment. notice the female touch of a tissue layer

The last few days the monsoon is picking up its pace. Back in Kathmandu it rained heavily over night and maybe an hour or two during the day. When I lived in Vietnam on the beach, the monsoon used to play blitzkrieg with us; clear sky has within five minutes turned dark shade of black as teeth of an afghan chewing tobacco addict. Over the following five minutes all the water has migrated earthwards and the sky turned dazzling blue again. We were dry again inside of a minute...

Here in Sikkim the rain isn't as fierce, but all that more persistent. Periods if hard rain alternate with a drizzle for the best part of the day and night.


Come to think about it, I've never actually tended a garden. Not even in Japan, where veg-picking was the second most common Workaway offer right after cleaning hostels. Lucky for me nothing blooms and nothing's getting planted right now; I missed the hardest days of rice planting by few weeks. That leaves me with little work and with little to ruin. I am able to weed a garden well, following the philosophy of burned ground. Anything green gets its final trip over to compost. It's a fulfilling job in the choice company of monsoon and leeches, often visiting together.

from this... this. get outta here!

Three days; let's see if I won't go mad, melt or run out of blood...

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