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The rooftop of the world

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Found a quiet corner. Slept for perhaps two hours. Checked in. Almost as an afterthought the clerk alerted me I'm at the wrong terminal. Jogged over - that's the part you'd see drawn out over half of a youtube video. But it's only a footnote really.

Made the flight, sparing myself any further sleepy wait.


my entire (material) world. too much. (27.5 lbs)

the Drug Buster 🐩

thankfully this was not my flight 😂

Luck smiles at me and I'm transferred to emergency exit by the eastern window seat. Fall asleep. Wake up in time to greet the sun rising out of a line of clouds. It rises here full 70 minutes later than in Pasighat. After two months in the monsoon, it's the most glorious view and the warmest welcome.

I might cry

A sulking dude next to me tries to pull down the window shutter on the spectacle. I very nearly punch his face.

The Uttarakhand segment of the high Himalayas, which I hiked in March, dwarfs the clouds deep beneath its sharp tops.

Occasionally a smaller peak scares clouds away and basks in the sun below the plane's wing.


The northern side is barren, existing exclusively on the black and white spectrum and stretches beyond horizon on one side. Hits the endless lines of high Himalaya on the other.

This flight came at $22, but the views could easily attach three zeros to it and still make it a great value. Although I suppose I'd like at least a complimentary professional photographer at that point. 😅

and clean windows


turning into Ladakh

No photography allowed at the airport. Perhaps something to do with the military bombers casually strolling around our civilian plane?

dramatically different landscape

landing in Leh

Leh sits at 11.500 feet. No issues breathing on no sleep or too much coffee.

We hit it right off.

Leh, airport in the back

PS.: There was a post this morning too, but the email ntf flopped. Apologies.

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