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The Southern Frontier

6AM, downtown Chittagong.

The buses drive that Formula 1 racers would bow in awe and sometimes it pays off. And sometimes... it means more time to waste.

I messaged a friend of a friend of a friend yesterday, who eventually got back to me, offering accommodation. But no more details.

Well, it's a great excuse to go read more HPMOR since I am not up to lugging my bag through the town without any goal to aim for. Harry getting tricked to explain to himself who his parents really were was rather well written. Keep on reading.

Not Vegetarian / first impressions

Mid-morning we agree with my benefactor that according to Bengali hospitality, he's happy to host me free of a cost for several nights. The question where do I go continues to go unanswered.

But by then my feet are itchy so I head to the nearest vaguely interesting point of interest - a maritime / navy museum.

Today, since it's Bengali weekend, it opens at 4 o'clock. I ask if I can come back later on the same ticket. I'm assured that it's no issue. But the courtyard is full of exhibits so I wander around and then sit down, away from the sun.

big guns

And hours pass.

I watch the buzz as 20 odd staff members scrub the place spotless, and eventually one takes pity on me and offers me a coffee. What a saint. My pocket powerbank snuffs out with my phone at 25%. Seems like a race against time is up.

No message from the dude.

transitioning inside

Four o'clock rolls over and I'm rolling a die, if I should wait any longer or call it a prank and check-in to a hotel before all prices go up. But, since I am still idling by the museum, I may as well check that out first.

It says something like be smart and join the navy, but killing stuff aside, it's actually quite nice and full of children, this being the weekend.

Battery's at 15%. I really would rather not go digging through my bag for the large powerbanks I had for multi-day, no power treks.

ocean room

I'm minutes away from a hotel I wanna ask for prices to bargain down booking portals offers, when the dude messages. You can stay.

"...where???" 'I'll tell you."

Phone ticks down to 5%. Follows conversational silence.

best sunset in-town

Grumpily I head into a restaurant and wave my hands around until they work out I'm power starved and let me plug-in. It still counts as a loss, but at least I remain online. For another half-hour.

I'm trying to not be pushy, give the man the time he needs, but it's past sunset and I'd kinda like to know, where I'll be staying the night in this city of over 5 million souls. Most enjoy simply shouting at me, although few asked if I needed help as well. I must be getting old, seeking such inconsequential answers before their time.

I think it's this year's fault. Sleeping inside has made me complacent and spoiled. There better be starry skies in my next year's path.

I was this close

An address comes through some time later.

I'm welcome in.

The places is few miles away, but with little help I find the right shared ride and head off.


Then I reach the pin location.

Holy Momma

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