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The world's baby


Monsoon is here. Same as in Vietnam. No air left between the falling water. Boiling again 2 minutes after it's over.

it's raining heads...

Endless line under the downpour, umbrellas like a flower path. Leads to a temple. Priorities.

weekend temple visit

Trip to the past, to my first ever out-of-Europe crib. Passing landmarks etched in my memory. Will I recognize the monastery?

an hour to the outskirts of KTM

Bus hawk charging me real price for the ride.


The little Buddhist school is, and is not, the same. Bit nicer. Bit quieter. I recognize two or three faces.

on the edge of the jungle

It's been 6 years.

Norbu and goldfish

Palden, the little dude I remember, is now principal, travelling the world, looking for funding and volunteers.

And they come.

An American family whose son won a grant at his university to build up water containment and distribution system for the monastery.

Palden (l), his brother Choan (r) and the Am fam

French dentists next month to teach hygiene habits in the villages.

road building

Kids showering in the jungle.


The youngest monks falling asleep at prayer and doing bows as refreshers.

Eating with the kids. The food has become first class.

Evening. Football for the older kids. A Hindi movie for the younger. The most epic and melodramatic film culture in the world.

squished a leech

Nepal truly is the world's baby. No other country gets so much positive attention and funding without human conflict or natural disaster. Nepal's karma is second to none.

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