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Thosey High

morning assembly

"With me comes a tall handsome man who wants to share some ideas with you...


Umm, bossman, u sure? I got no red hands, left or right...

But ideas, I can sure can share. First one: throw out your English book. Hear me out!

That's one class. At least back home we spent months on each of the English tenses. Nepali teenagers are expected to get a hang of a set of three in forty minutes...

"If I don't finish the book, the parents and Mr. Chairman will be very angry. What to do?


teachers get lunch (kids not)

...and that's the problem here. I'll skip to the extra class the eldest children were having after school. They had to memorize writing a greeting card for their parents that went something like this

We wish you heartly blessings

on the auspicious of

Happy Dawali (festival)

Principal and school members

Thosey High

0% English learning - this is a cultural class through and through. This is a Nepali culture where the 'foreign' element is part of the awe, 'look we made you child clever'.

My idea? Break up the monotony a little bit with a song. In my defense, noone understood the words... 😅

Voita the teacher --:?

never thought I'd be doing this again..

And in their defense some of classes are clever; the youngest, pre-teen class, welcomed me with a barrage of questions. How old are you? Which cast? What's your parents' names? Are you married? Do you like Nepal...? How many siblings do you have? What did you study?

Rakesh, the English teacher I work with

And since small places work live a hive-mind, everywhere in the world, I'm sure that by now everyone knows about me everything...

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