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To Home...

There are 4 hostels in Bratislava. Two are named after the absinth - induced delirium elephants and fulfill the set out expectations to a dot. Third is a capsule hostel and way beyond all expectations. It's usually booked out and needs to be reserved in advance. The last one is somewhere in between it all and where I usually end up staying. It's tucked away behind a little front garden and kind of hard to find. But room views into the garden are quite soothing. Somewhat less so was the Russian lumberjack on the bunk below me who went off to cut down a whole forest night after night, infusing my dreams with acute bouts of sea sickness. After a year of sleeping alone in private rooms this is quite the cultural shock.

bleak border / church on every corner

The entire weekend passed under heavy clouds with constant snowfall which has deterred me from attempting another stream. Either way I was staying in Bratislava to meet my friends there who are turning the material I've filmed over the year into a documentary-esque TV series. Plenty of energy and enthusiasm to move things forward; we'll only have to see what the lady reality thinks about our ambition. We have a promo video finished from the summer from Nepal, which Saheen was sending to her UN sponsors and beyond. Strictly in between us. :)

Slovak National Radio / hostel entrance

With the weekend coming to a close only a last journey remained - a bus to Prague, which felt like a dream. Comfortable seats (rather than cheap plastic or outright bare metal), heated and maintained vehicle (has all windows which can be closed), more or less following its schedule (not taking twice the estimated time), where half of the passenger are not animals (two legged, four legged or winged) and I can go to sleep without risking getting catapulted across the bus as it runs, full throttle, over potholes on the road. On the other hand there's no chance of befriending everyone from every passing village, joining a bus-wide choir of local top songs and I have to pay for my meals and toilet visits during breaks.

frosty morning in Bratislava

Around Bratislava the sky was clear. Halfway by Brno it was still ok; in Prague it was cloudy and cold. With a friend of mine there we met up for a pint and discussed the Czech Misery, Worst in Europe. We might be absolute in-betweeners in everything except complaining. Nobody else comes near our ability to diss everything and everyone around. I'll be spending a winter here to either confirm or update these rooted ideas of mine; one way or another it'll be highly enlightening.

snow and Christmas vanilla beer

Up in our northern corner everything was white... which makes for an amazing welcome. Empty streets like in Riyadh, except from the other side of the thermometer. But a lot is going on; Christmas concerts and other festivities which will give me a chance to be social by European standards. After the Himalayan chaos it'll be a lovely change.

2023 SIM collection / getting cultural

For diary purposes this likewise means a winter break and turning into an occasional article drop here an there, including the bonus materials. On the other hand I'll have a chance to straighten things up a little and start other projects which I hope will bring my material outside out of the circle of you, the most avid of readers. :) And obviously I'll be getting ready for the next season which promises to be even grander, crazier and adventurous!

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Mihail Vatsov
Mihail Vatsov
Dec 08, 2023

I liked the promo. One suggestion though - speak louder, especially when narrating since you are not doing it in a studio setting. It takes some effort to follow.

Dec 08, 2023
Replying to

Thanks! Sounds is getting mixed during editing, I'll increase the volume a bit 👍


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