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Triade of trials (APd5)

The struggle for brighter future is spilling into several currents now. For Katon that means more pre-dawn ventures, and since India observes a single time zone, that's darn early on its easternmost frontier. For once, at least, he exiled himself to sleep on the porch and thus gifted me and Mone few bonus hours of peace.

inside the halfway house

fireplace, kitchen

By eight he was back, bringing in a carpenter. He's meant to do some work at the factory, but considering the typical Indian delay, there's still a good week of time until it'll be possible for him to start. Until then he will keep busy making furniture for the house. It's a modern structure of a Tibetan model, with wooden floors and walls. It could almost blend in somewhere in the American wilderness. Shelves, a wooden bed and couches are a blaring sign of civilization landing in the area in full force. Katon and his brothers made just about all of it themselves during the covid years.

garden and produce (from other gardens)

sickest momos Ever (look closely)

The two engineers, the electrician and now the carpenter are all staying above Katon's parents' shop in the town house. I'm sure there's a joke somewhere in there. Let me know if you can think of one.

flying away

into countryside / river is also moving

Third spillage is a carry-over from the fishing trip. For three days already, the new proper tyre has status oh it's just now being loaded on a truck in Guwahati. Drive to the shop has by now become part of our daily ritual. It's past a check-post and I still cannot pass for an Indian, so I gotta keep hiding to avoid having to explain my presence over and over to the bored border patrol.

out of town

getting a traditional haircut

Living in Arunachal during monsoon essentially means living in a sauna. Water all around me, all over me, inside me. Showering are three interconnected steps: being sweaty - being wet - being sweaty. Locals are immune - not to sweating, but to taking it into account when ascertaining their level of comfort. Only combined with all the challenges of running a modern, private business, the pressure becomes too much and we go MIA for a dip in one of the countless rivers. Near a stream is the one place, where humidity disappears and weather is pure, enjoyable, great heat. But for some mysterious reason we need to go back into the water. We may as well have run around the factory once and ended up in the same situation. But loving water beyond reason is one of the primary call signs of a local. I suppose here it's either that or the loonies.

progress check

chartering an excavator

Issues too minor to be worth digging into.:

  • people stealing lights and other equipment (buy new stuff and a dog, perhaps that's why Katon's family has three by now)

  • no stock available of one material, astronomical prices of another (wait, wait - wait)

  • needing to move a 10 tonne generator away from a wall (hire an excavator, which won't come until after the heat has gone down at night)

  • on pretense of government - provided specialists being not qualified, being forced to hire specialists recommended by the permits issuing committees (choose whom to bribe)

nightly rendezvous

this is only a small compressor

It is quite clear why family remains a key support structure here and meets often.

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