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Unwarranted arrangements

Sunday. Negotiations, and anime.

mostly anime

brain is fried, need to cope

With the volunteer lady. Help in field is needed more than few roops. I'll help two days with the brunt of the work for free. As in, I won't have to pay for the 'privilege' of working.

filthy rich westerner

exploiting the poor

essentially electrolytes

buh-bye, civilization

Combines well with updated plans of Wild Siddhart. We'll meet in Tso Moriri in second half of the week to climb.

That is, if this plan will make it through the first half of the incriminated week.

my last stand

do or die

climb or die -!

you Really Going?

Been indeed asked to provide my flight out in period, for which I am yet to get visa, even though I clearly stated my intention to leave via land to Pakistan.

flawless logic

of a retarded donkey

bus views

Somehow, suddenly all my supplies seem to have run out. So on top of 3 kilos of nuts, bars and peanut butter I'm carrying a new shower gel, toothpaste, fresh roll of toilet paper and anti-septic cream. My bag's once again as seizable and heavy as a Ladakhi mastiff.

where will the camping gear go

choose: to eat or to sleep

dropped in Gya

Next day, bus. Easy to find: if you cannot fit in a toe, it's your bus.

On the bus: a village and a half, one drunk guy dancing and / or fighting throughout the trip, kids with bows and arrows practicing to be the next local Robin Hood. I played the sheriff.

No livestock on board, and the bus driver changed a song halway through. And I could actually use both legs to stand on towards the end.

what a mundane ride

rather underwhelming

undercover in the village

Gya is, I've been told, Ladakh's oldest village, housing 173 families.

And rain clouds, first to sneak up on me in Ladakh.

It sits in 13.500 feet, on the highway to Manali (back to India), and in between the weather and flat hills reminds me of Scottish highlands. Only the snow-clad high Himalayas around break the illusion.

staying in nicest house in town

could pass for a holiday chalet in the US

undercover waiting for dinner

Today's assignment: sit, sipping butter tea, for two hours, with the family cautiously eyeing me, waiting for the dinner to be made, in light of lanterns as the power is out.

test of patience

I volunteer to fail

get outta here ---!

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