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We are the World (APd3)

Have you ever... been woken up at 5:30 AM, after having gone to bed around half past one? Let me share with you, it sucks. Katon's dad barged in - Inds share this blissful ignorance of all other living creatures in their vicinity, especially when it comes to gurgling, spitting, making loud phone calls, and talking in general, although their ability to sleep through others' love going around is second to none - and kick-started everyone's day.

My addled brain attempted to process this information, classified it as sci-fi, and turned off again.

the household doggos

Bruce / Polar / Ika

a less favourable karma

There went the only two HHH level hours of the day, the human heat and humidity levels.

Followed a personal version of monsoon.

heavy handed solution

By eight o'clock we were already going to meet two civil engineers, who followed the first truck across the width of India.

What failed to follow was a trolley (and few other minor items) to manipulate with the several tonnes heavy machines. And Arunachal being a tribal fringe of India - let's just say that much is shared with their American Indian brethren here. No trolleys, forklifts or other advanced technologies within few hundred miles.

And so we camped the hangar, which insofar has no way to move air which slips in to die in a bubble of wet heat, for stupefying five hours, moving the 3-tonne assembly line.

I only overheated three or four times, having to sit down for a quick cat nap reset.

fine tuning the details

The misunderstandings are steadily piling up; in scheduling of parts dispatch, in each specialist hired somehow asking for more money due to this rule or that exception... working conditions are challenging to say the least. Getting the factory up n' running wil be a proper Indian thriller. My estimate is 50:50 ods, at best.

setting the monster down

tool selection

We went to move an old laundry machine and a new fridge into Katon parents' house in the afternoon. Inspired by sherpas, he simply heaved the boxes onto his back and moved them. The fridge has over 80 pounds...

Contrary to Katon's pleas, his parents bought it without him being present. And the store assistants 'helped' them to the most no-one wants me, mediocre appliance they had in stock.

If that isn't a worldwide phenomenon, I'll munch for lunch my quickly rotting away shoe.

Fridge came up to 20K INR (240 USD), but requires another 10K's worth compressor to run since the local power grid has too low current. And as with most things in India, Warranty is a lofty idea yet to be put in common use. Best not count on it...


Katon and the two civil engineers



No rain today. Why bother, when everyone is at home / work / in their car. If the weather is not at least semi-sentient and all human race despising, ever since Noah pulled his legendary quick one to escape it, I shall dine on my other in India-purchased - in India-destroyed shoe...

holy O.O

heroines behind the scenes


At least the evening was quiet and filled with fireflies contently mirroring the heavenly starry display in the out-of-power darkness of our garden.

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